One-to-One Coaching – Level 2 – CLEAN Coaching

This course is designed as an advanced course for coaches who have learnt the basics of coaching and want to take their skills to the next level. It particularly targets deepening awareness around one’s “inner” coach and how to work with a client’s metaphorical landscape. Coaches learn to work with David Grove’s techniques of Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge. The last module is dedicated to a community assessment process lead by 2 senior experts in the field.

Note: This course runs in French only but could run in English on demand.


6 modules, soit 12 jours à raison de 2 jours par mois.

La formation se termine par une validation de parcours.


Download the French program here

LKB has presented and demonstrated adaptations of David’s work at conferences in London, Paris, Madrid and Geneva since his sudden death in January 2008. It was following his untimely departure that the 6 module CLEAN Coaching course was created and it has since run in Paris, Marseille and Nantes. It continues to run in Paris once a year and shortened versions have run in Toulouse and Luxembourg.
Inspired by Silvie de Clerck’s “Dialoguing with art” work, LKB is now inviting groups to visit museums and art galleries as a way of exploring deeper parts of themselves using Clean techniques.

Témoignages de quelques stagiaires :
A little bit of the story of David John Grove

After David’s death I decided to take the plunge and dare to teach his work to other coaches pretty much in the same manner as I had become a founding member of SFCoach and the creator of my own school of coaching.

As an MCC with the International Coach Federation I have delivered a number of workshops at European conferences. I pioneered David’s work on CLEAN numbers (Emergent Knowledge) in Geneva 2008 and in Madrid as a keynote speaker also in 2008.

The Story of David John Grove

he gyroscope – device for visiting the spaces of the mind from multiple angles – a David invention -.

David died suddenly of a heart attack in Kansas City on January 8, 2008 at the age of 57. He left behind him a wealth of ideas and friends from all over the world. He was a fellow New Zealander and I met him in a garden in Normandy, France in 2002. He generously shared his latest ideas and experiences once a year in November with a small group of us who gathered together for 4 days of personal journeying at La Bouvetière (the home of Jennifer de Gandt in Normandy). We called it a “salon” so as to differentiate it from workshops and trainings which tend, in general, to be top down learning events.

My personal work with David took me on a journey deep into the soul where I do believe all healing takes place. I do know that I completed my own journey with him in November 2007 and was just beginning, like a number of other people from the group in Normandy, to develop some ideas and techniques to explore with teams in companies before he left for his final trip to the States. The last time I saw him was November 29th, 2007 when he came to one of my coach supervision groups in Paris.

Some experiences ...

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