One-to-One Coaching – Level 1

LKB School of Coaching

This 14-day course spread over 7 months (2 days per month) is designed for people wanting to become corporate coaches but the basic principles and techniques acquired during the course apply also to Life Coaching.

The course is relatively short so it is essential that participants have knowledge of company life and have engaged in personal development or work that facilitates self knowledge.


The school only takes in 12 trainees per class which guarantees a combination of rigor and flexibility in its running. The programme includes:

  • Filmed coaching sessions with individual feedback.
  • Certification which includes a real case study and a 2 day validation process.
  • Ready to use one page documents that serve as the “A to Z” of coaching.
  • An approach to learning that is fun and reflects what coaching is.

By the end of the course, most trainees will have:

  • Begun coaching professionally.
  • Formed a network of coaches that will be a future source of support and business.
  • Gained clarity about themselves as coaches and about the profession.
  • Identified areas for further personal and professional development.

Click here to assess your current coaching skills using the LKB assessment criteria grid.

(Download the programme here. Note: This programme is conducted in French only.)

Nota Bene

Lynne Burney facilitates and teaches on all of the 14 days.
Guest presenters are sometimes invited for specific purposes.