Supervision & skills assessment

It goes without saying that coaches who are operating professionally need to book time with a supervisor. Over the years I, myself, have worked with three different supervisors for different reasons and at different periods of my own development.

I offer coaches three ways of being supervised : in a group of six, individually and In Situ.

All three offer a way to throw light on the coach/client relationship, coaching techniques and the client’s system. It is an opportunity to talk about a specific case in a confidential context, receive some coaching oneself, benefit from multiple view points in the case of group supervision and receive live feedback in the case of supervision In Situ (coaching live with a real client whilst being observed).

I share my own experience and offer advice where it makes sense to do so.

Click here for my personal philosophy on Supervision. Please note that this document is currently in French only. The English translation is pending.

Download an exemple of a One to One
Supervision contract.

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