Course Evaluation & Testimonials

Because the majority of LKB training courses and supervision run in French readers are referred to this page on the French side of this website.

Dear Lynne,

We all would like to thank you so much for yesterday : your workshop was a great success !!! People really appreciated the fact that you had an entirely different, participative approach. It was just the ideal thing to do after lunch – The whole amphi was just relaxing (not sleeping! as this would have been the case with a lecture type presentation), having a good time and learning a simple, practical way of coping with stress at the workplace.

According to the noise level, everybody had some very urgent things to share with their neighbour when you made us exchange our experiences – just great! I think we should learn from this positive input you gave to us all and build in a workshop for our next conference.

Monika M.

Dear Lynne,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for last week – the work on the second afteroon especially was very powerful and moving for me, as I’m sure for all of us. It took me from where I was and showed me where it’s possible to go – and how being so ”self’ conscious’ is so interfering.

I saw my coachee yesterday – and there was such difference in how I felt with her – and for the first time I experienced real pleasure.

I was very surprised to learn that although I thought the first session hadn’t been very positive – so much had moved for her since then. I had given her that exercise ‘challenges, lessons learnt etc’ as a task and it had so helped her to see things in a different light & ‘deculpabliser’ her, that the ‘magic wand’ question for the future I had asked in the first session that had just paralysed her & thus added to my discomfort and feeling of inadequacy – took on real meaning – & she came with a list of
about 8 possible avenues to pursue! (knowing of course it was just a first brainstorming).

There were many powerful moments with you last week, and one I shall always remember is when you stood up and looked back to the past, and then demonstrated that what we are doing is helping our clients to turn around and look at the future – it’s a lovely, strong, simple image.

Benita L.