Lynne Burney

Hello, let me tell you something about myself and my journey through life so far.

I was born in New Zealand in 1952 and after graduating with a literary degree, trained as a secondary school teacher and reached great heights (1m78 !) at national level netball. I set out to see the world in 1975 and, after meandering through Asia, Africa and Southern Europe for 3 years, the call of love brought me to France where the next stage of my life began.

If New Zealand is my temporal and spatial framework, France is my school, my challenge, my depth and my future.

It is here, in France that 2 parallel pathways (the spiritual path of yoga and the path of professional development) have met and enriched each other and it is here that I have developed the skills that have enabled me to become the coach and facilitator that I am today.

The beginning of the 21st century brought a huge burst of creative energy as if the skills I had been acquiring while my son, Christophe was growing up finally came together and found expression. I founded the LKB School of Coaching in 2000, began walking the Way of Saint James of Santiago that same year, launched a European network of coaches in 2001 (EGG), created the LKB School of Team Coaching in 2003 and began supervision groups for coaches in Toulon and Paris in 2004. I began writing Heartlines in 2005.

I was one of the pioneer founder-members of the Société Française de Coaching and lead its ethical standards and assessment body for 4 years. When it came time to take the hot seat myself I was assessed by the International Coaching Federation and was recognised as an MCC (Master Credentialed Coach) in 2002 – validated again in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2016.

The question must arise, of course as to how all this acquisition and creation is then directed outwards – where is its contribution and to whom ? The simple answer – my work finds its mark wherever people feel a need to come together to learn and grow for a purpose whether it be in a team, group or at an individual level.

While this may read as if I were on a solo journey, it is obvious that my road has been peppered with meetings and events too numerous to mention here and it has been touched by people to whom I am eternally grateful : to Corinne and her friendship, to Anne and her healing power, to Jennifer and her boundless Earth wisdom, to Zena and Beatrice for their practical artistry, to Carolyn and her PC wizardry, to Christophe, my son who is just that, my son, to Richard and his gentle caring, to …


  • New Zealand Teacher Training Diploma and Certificate (1975)
  • Royal Society of Arts – RSA-Dip TEFL with distinction, London/Paris (1986)
  • Professor of Yoga, French Federation of Hatha Yoga (1993)
  • Master practitioner NLP, CAPNL (Paris) / New York Training Institute of NLP (1995)
  • Master practitioner Eriksonian Hypnosis, New York Training Institute of NLP (1997)
  • Accredited user of Team Management Systems tools; Geneva (1999)
  • Constellations and Systemics Representations – Systemaviva (2009)
  • Narrative Therapy – Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun (Cooprh – 2011)
  • Process Work – Maurice Brasher (2015)
  • Family Business Constellations – Ty Francis (2016)