Choosing a name and a logo for a company can be a long process. In my case it was a short and painless exercise. LKB because those are the initials of my full name : Lynette Kay Burney and therefore there seemed little likelihood of ever forgetting it. “ Associates” because a one woman band can make a richer variety of music with many players and those players only come to play with me if they like the music. And last but not least it had to be a name that could easily work acoustically in both French and English. The “associates” are all people who are self employed, highly skilled as coaches, facilitators and trainers and who somehow share the same belief in abundance even when work seems scarce. We seek to include and share even when the market place pulls us to exclude and hoard. We support each other in success and failure. The EGG group that I launched in 2001 is living proof of these beliefs.

The luminous purple square of the logo was a “love at first sight” affair. I went through the usual Q&A session with a company specialising in communication over 10 years ago and the result was a few experimental purple squares with shadowing around the edges with LKB in the centre in white left lying on a desk. I arrived, saw them and said, immediately, “yes, that is it!!! Thank you.” Nothing more.

I discovered afterwards the regal and spiritual associations with luminous purple but I felt instinctively that the square spoke of my concern for moral order and ethical behaviour. The square also frames the humorous and down-to-earth side of LKB Associates which is well expressed by the quip : don’t take life too seriously, you might not get out of it alive”.

I’ll leave you to imagine with us how the photo above speaks of the work we do here at LKB Associates.